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Adscoins™ is a virtual platform to buy and sell digital and traditional advertising and talent services. With Adscoins ™ any business can grow.
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What is Adscoins™?

04 Dec 2014, by admin in SERVICES

What is Adscoins™?


dscoins™ is a virtual platform to buy and sell digital and traditional advertising, and talent services. With Adscoins ™ any business can grow.

We help businesses grow by providing online services. Our goal is to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote and advertise their businesses at lower costs than the usual. Our product is perfect for small and medium businesses that usually struggle with the high costs of advertising.

In our interactive web platform the customer will be able to use his Adscoins™ to buy advertising spaces on the radio, TV, written media, webpages and outdoor advertisings such as billboards all over the world. With Adscoins™ our customers will get to advertise their businesses at a much lower cost in any geographic location.

There are three main categories in Adscoins™ that you can be a part of: Advertiser, Media or Talent. Advertisers can buy spots in any media that they want and directly hire the talent that they need (Art, sound, audio, video) for the advertising.



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