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I sell more advertising with Adscoins™

05.12.2014 in TESTIMONIALS

Joao Nuno is the marketing manager of advertisement of Activa media. He found out about Adscoins in a formal breakfast meant to present and celebrate the media and influencers of the company. What caught his eye was the fact that, with Adscoins, he would be able to fill those advertising spots that are usually left empty.

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I advertised on Twitter thanks to Adscoins™

27.11.2014 in TESTIMONIALS

Ana Cristina Pineda is a social communicator specialized oh graphical identity. She has a lot of experience in photography, design, and making logos. She worked in an independent production as design director but she’s been trying to go on her own for a while. She heard about Adscoins and decided to buy the service of multiple twitter accounts to advertise her abilities. Ana Cristina risked it and decided to be a freelancer.

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